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Clerk & Voting Office

The Township Clerk provides clerical services to the Pennfield Township Board by attending and recording the official minutes of that body. The Clerk is also responsible for regular and special meeting notices. As "custodian" of public documents, the Clerk’s Office maintains files of all public documents including official copies of the Minutes of the Board, leases, contracts, agreements, easements, deeds, general ledger, book of oaths, and ordinances. These records are maintained for historical significance and are available for retrieval as necessary. Other duties of the Clerk include preparing financial statements and warrants for township checks, keeping voter registration files and conducting elections, and appointing a Deputy Clerk. In case of the absence, sickness, death, or other disability of the Clerk, the deputy shall possess the powers and perform the duties of the clerk, except the deputy shall not have a vote on the township board.


First Steps to Voting

Voting Precincts and Locations

Voting System Information

Permanent Absent Voter List Application

Absentee Ballots

MVIC - Will show voting location and ballot information.
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Clerk Kathy Case
Deputy Clerk Karen Kooi

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